Friday, April 3, 2009

i'm good, i'm gone

What happens if you are ill, alone at home and totally bored? You end up doing some expensive online shopping! That's exactly what happened to me ;) I bought some PINK Christian Louboutin platforms at Net-A-Porter! I thought i needed some very very colourful high-heels. And then i bought a grey jacket and a grey dress at Topshop. The dress will look cracking with my new platforms!!! Well i think i have to make a shopping break and save my money after this :)


  1. amazing stuff! really.


  2. jag dööör för de där skorna..

  3. Ohhh my gosh you lucky lucky girl!! X) I'd love to see your buys in an outfit shot one day!!! Those pink louboutins are insane... haha I doubt I'd have the guts to wear them but you seem like you could totally pull them off!! They'd look fab with you gray dress and jacket(which i absolutely love). I guess it's lucky for me (or my mom, more like) that i don't have my own credit card. If not I'd be shopping all the time online too ;) it's too easy!